Brace for ‘disappointment’

Well, first thing first! If you clicked on ‘About’ page thinking you will find list of hundreds of countries I’ve visited or how I quit my full time job to travel, you’re in for a big disappointment. I have neither traveled hundreds of countries nor I have quit my ‘9 to 5’ Software Developer job. 😉

Why follow me then?

Follow me and this blog because I am NOT a full time traveler. Sounds stupid, ain’t it?

Not really! Full time travel bloggers make a lot of money by paid marketing campaigns and sponsored posts. I, on the other hand, make living by writing software, and have no intention to use this blog to make money. At least for now! 😉

I write this blog just to share my experiences about the places I have been to and to connect with fellow travelers. Cheers!

About Me

I am Devesh Sharma, born and brought up in India. After graduating from an engineering college in India, I worked in a multi-national company for a year. Then I came to USA to pursue MS in Information Systems. Currently, I am living in USA and working as a Software Developer. I spend my days writing code, and nights thinking about traveling. In other words, you can call me that typical 9 to 5 cubicle-dweller with passion for travel.