Macuco Safari – Boat Tour At Iguazu Falls In Brazil

Fast Facts and Recommendations:

  1. Macuco Safari is located within the Iguazu Falls National Park on Brazilian side.
  2. The safari is open from 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM daily.
  3. Macuco Safari tours departs every 15 minutes. No advanced reservation is required.
  4. Macuco Safari offers several different tours. We took Macuco Safari Traditional Tour which includes an electric cart ride through the jungle, a short walk (600 meters) to a small waterfall and boat ride to the mighty Iguazu falls.
  5. Macuco Safari Traditional Tour costs R$198 per person.
  6. This price does not include the entrance to the Iguassu Falls National Park.
  7. It costs an additional R$57 for Iguazu Falls National Park tickets. More information about the park can be found here: Visiting Iguazu Falls In Brazil
  8. Macuco Safari boat ride at Iguazu Falls, Brazil will not make you wet. You’re going to get drenched.
  9. Since you’re going to get drenched, bring a towel, swim suit and spare clothes.
  10. You’re going to get drenched no matter what. Don’t act smart and try using one of those plastic poncho. It’s useless in front of mighty waters of Iguazu.
  11. I recommend doing Macuco Safari boat tour towards the end of your day in the park. This way you will not have to carry your wet clothes all day long.
  12. The entire boat ride is photographed and recorded. The photographs and recording can be seen and purchased at the exit gate.
  13. You can take your own camera for photographs and recording. Just make sure that the camera is either GoPro or any other waterproof camera.
  14. Lockers are available for rent both at the Macuco Safari entrance and boat station. It costs R$10 to rent a locker.
  15. I recommend taking the locker at the boat station right before the boat ride. This way you can have all your belongings, including camera and phone for the first half of the tour where you go through the jungle, which means you can use your camera and phone for taking photographs.


Well, I can’t tell you how badly I wanted to see Iguazu Falls on our Brazil trip. I remember how mesmerized I was seeing Niagara Falls for the first time. Having heard Iguazu Falls is nearly twice as tall as Niagara Falls, I was even more excited to see this monster of falls. Having been to Niagara Falls and its boat tour known as ‘Maid of the mist’, I was looking for a similar boat tour at Iguazu Falls. That’s when I found about ‘Macuco Safari’ which turned out to be more thrilling than ‘Maid of the mist’ because of speed boats.

Getting to Iguazu Falls:

Brazil is a big country, and getting from one place to another requires not only money but time as well. Since Foz Do Iguacu is located pretty remotely, road trip from Rio De Janeiro was not an option. Luckily, we found good flights from Rio that suited our plan and pocket. This is what our itinerary looked like:

TAM Airlines 3188 Rio de Janeiro (GIG)

10:08 AM Sep 30, 2015

Foz Do Iguacu (IGU)

Travel time: 2h 20 mins

GOL Airlines G3-1463 Foz Do Iguacu (IGU)

6:20 PM Oct 01, 2015

Rio de Janeiro (GIG)

Travel time: 1h 59 mins

Basically, we had one and a half days at the falls. Since we were not going to Argentina side of the falls, this much time for the Iguazu Falls was more than sufficient.

Our time at the Macuco Safari:

At the visitor center, we figured out that we will have to take a shuttle bus to the Macuco Safari bus stop. The bus was a double-deck panoramic bus, which provided us a good overview of the park’s natural beauty. The bus stopped at multiple locations, and information about the stops and other tours and services was being transmitted through the loud speaker on the bus.

Panoramic buses being used for transporting visitors.


In double-deck panoramic bus, visitors can enjoy nature’s most exuberant views.

In double-deck panoramic bus, visitors can enjoy nature's most exuberant views.


For Macuco Safari, get off the bus at ’10. Macuco Safari’ stop. It’s the 3rd stop from the visitor center station.

Get off the bus at 'The Path of the Falls' stop. A 1,200 meter trail starts from this stop and ends at Porto Canoas Square Station.

Once you have deboarded the bus at the Macuco Safari bus stop, you will see the Macuco building across the road. Cross the road, get your tickets for the Macuco Safari Traditional Tour which includes an electric cart ride through the jungle, a short walk (600 meters) to a small waterfall and boat ride to the mighty Iguazu falls.

You will also have an opportunity to leave your belongings in a locker there. However, I recommend taking the locker at the boat station right before the boat ride. This way you can have all your belongings, including camera and phone for the first half of the tour where you go through the jungle, which means you can use your camera and phone for taking photographs.

You will now be asked to board an electric cart where a guide will welcome you with a friendly smile.


Through out the electric cart ride, the multi lingual guide will provide details on the flora and fauna.



Electric card ride is followed by an optional short walk down to the bottom of a small waterfall. The walk is around 600 meters and there is a little climbing involved here.


Stairs to the waterfall..



Going down to the bottom of the photo-op waterfall..



Once you have reached the bottom of the fall, you can spend a few minutes there for photo-op. Then you take the same stairs back and follow a new wooden trail to the boat station.


On my way to the boat station..



Once you arrive at the boat station, you can rent locker and store all your belongings there. There are restrooms for you to change your clothes to swimsuits. Then you march down several stairs to the awaiting boat.


Us at the boat station..


The boat ride from the station to the falls is short because it’s a speed boat. But, you will enjoy the speed and the thrill that comes with it! I would recommend taking the first seats on the boat if possible.


On our way to the mighty Iguazu Falls..



On our way back to the boat station. You can see we all are completely soaked.


The boat will now drop you back at the station. From there, you take the electric cart back to the Macuco Safari bus stop.

More information about getting to Foz Do Iguacu and the Iguazu National Park can be found here: Visiting Iguazu Falls In Brazil

Where did we stay in Foz Da Iguazu, Brazil

Thinking a return flight to Rio from Foz Da Iguazu will be too hectic giving us less time to spend at Iguazu Falls, we had booked our return flight for the next day. Which means we were looking for someplace cheap to stay for just 1 night and that’s when I stumbled upon Tarobá Hotel. It has got great reviews, good connectivity to the falls (direct public bus to falls) and cheap hotel rooms (including breakfast). Basically, it had everything we were looking for. We booked a Superior Double room at Tarobá Hotel for $38.62 which included breakfast. Room was nice and clean and big enough for 2 people. Breakfast was sumptuous with wide variety of options to choose from. No doubt it was a great value for money, but the thing that we loved the most about this hotel was its connectivity to the falls. Since it’s located pretty close to bus station, you can catch a direct bus to the falls from right outside the hotel.


I highly recommend doing this boat tour on your next trip to Iguazu Falls because that’s the best way to get in touch with the Iguazu Falls!

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Andrea Rendeiro

Hello, Traveling Engineer.
We are brazilians and find your website trhough your post about Antelope Canyon. We are going to Las Vegas on december and we are doing some research.
We loved your post, very instructive.
It was just a coincidence, because we intend to make a similar website in portuguese, to share real information with other travelers. There are many blogs in portuguese about trips, but people usually like to talk more about themselves instead of sharing real information.
You shared real information and now we know everything we´ll meet in Antelope Canyon on december and we thank you very much for that.
But the real coincidence is that you´ve been to Foz do Iguaçu and went to Macuco Safari, so far away from US! And can you believe my husband was born in Foz do Iguaçu? His family is still there and his nephew works in Macuco Safari with the photography. Maybe you talked to him…
This world is real small!
We live in São Paulo and we travel a lot, always low cost trips, renting cars, driving a lot, sometimes staying in hotels, others in Airbnb, making our food…
We´ve been to US most part of the times, because we don´t feel real safe traveling in Brazil. But we visited a good part of Brazil, of course. And we drove already from Las Vegas to Yellowstone. And we´ve been to Texas, to the northeast of US and many times to Florida!
On July, we spent a whole month driving in Europe, driving in the small roads and getting surprise with the castles in each corner! The south of France is great!

The Traveling Engineer

Hello Andrea,

Wow, what a small small world. I really loved my time in Barzil, wonderful country and nice people. As for Foz do Iguaçu, it was in my wish list since a long long time. Such a well preserved area close to the falls, unlike Niagara falls which is super commercialized. Felt really close to nature during my stay in Foz do Iguaçu.

Thanks for your kind words on my post about Antelope Canyon. Wish you a great trip to Vegas and Arizona in December. Happy Travels! 🙂


The safari on the way there and back is a little robotic and felt like an afterthought of the main activity involved, which is the boat ride to the waterfalls and immersing the boat under the falls so you get drenched.


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