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I, along with my wife, stayed at Hotel Carbonaki, Mykonos for 2 nights in May 2016. Mykonos is known for its vibrant nightlife and crazy beach parties, and therefore, we wanted to stay someplace closer to the action. We’re glad we chose Hotel Carbonaki for our stay because it’s an ideally located, very refreshing and charming hotel in the heart of Mykonos town.

What I loved about Hotel Carbonaki:

Location: Believe me you can’t get any more closer to action when you stay at Hotel Carbonaki. The hotel is ideally located in Mykonos town, close to several good restaurants and bars. Even the bus stop is located at walking distance where you can catch bus to the beaches. Little Venice and windmills are located just few minutes away. The hotel is ideally located in the center of Mykonos town, but not on the busy street and therefore, the ambience is nice and quiet. You can imagine the excellent location of the hotel by the fact that every time we’d wanted to use restroom, we’d just return to the hotel, use the restroom and get back to partying on the narrow and busy streets of Mykonos.


Service: I got first taste of their awesome service even before getting there. I’d emailed hotel to arrange pick up at port as we were arriving from Santorini by boat. I was expecting to pay around Euro 10 per person for the pickup since that’s what we’d paid for airport pickup in Santorini. However, to my surprise I got an email back that our pick up has been scheduled free of cost. Yes, you read it right FREE pickup from the port. On the day of our arrival, the boat arrived around 1 hour late at the Mykonos port due to bad weather. When we came out, we found a gentleman from Hotel Carbonaki patiently waiting for us with our name plate in his hands. He helped us with our luggage both while getting in and out of the van.

Room: As far as I remember, we stayed in room number 12 on the first floor. It was a big room for 2 people with a large bed, a couch, and a refrigerator. The room was very stylish and immaculately clean when we arrived. It was just perfect and we absolutely loved it.


Staff: The staff at Hotel Carbonaki was very friendly and helpful. They helped us a lot with the directions, bus schedule and cab reservations. And how can I forget lovely smiles that greeted us every time we pass by reception.

My most favorite area in Hotel Carbonaki next to hot pool


What I didn’t like much about Hotel Carbonaki:

The only downside that I can think of is that Hotel Carbonaki is unreachable by car because the street is pedestrian only. That is, you will have to carry your bags for some 200-300 meters after the drop off location in order to get to the hotel. Please note that this is the case with almost all the hotels and Airbnb rooms in Mykonos town. Therefore, this downside is NOT just specific to Hotel Carbonaki, but I thought I should mention it so that you’re aware of it.


We absolutely loved our stay at Hotel Carbonaki. The service, the staff, the room, and especially, the location was just awesome. Plenty of great bars and restaurants at the walking distance,. In fact, all the Mykonos iconic landmarks like Windmills, Little Venice, etc are also at walking distance. We loved spending our time by the hot pool side at Hotel Carbonaki. Wouldn’t think twice to stay again here!

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