Visiting Iguazu Falls in Brazil: Iguazu Falls Makes Niagara Falls Looks Like A Water Fountain!

Fast Facts:

Entrance Fee R$ 56.30
Credit Card Accepted Yes
Handicapped Accessible Yes
Parking Available Yes
Changing Room Yes
Lockers Available Yes
Food Available Yes


  1. If you’re planning to take boat tours at the falls, do yourself a favor and bring a towel and some spare clothes.
  2. The wooden trails take you pretty close to the falls making you soaked. Bring plastic bags for your camera and other valuables.
  3. There is a nice locker room at the park entrance which could easily fit a cabin bag and a couple of hand bags easily.
  4. If you are planning to catch an evening flight after a day trip to the falls, no need to book a hotel room just to keep your luggage. Use the lockers at the visitor center instead.
  5. Private vehicles are NOT allowed inside the national park. Park your vehicles in the parking area near the visitor center. Parking fee is R$19.00 for full day.
  6. The ticket office at the visitor center is open from 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM.
  7. Panoramic shuttle buses takes you to the falls from the visitor center. The cost of the shuttle service is included in the ticket price.
  8. Get off the shuttle bus at ‘The Path of the Falls’ stop. A 1,200 meter trail starts from this stop and ends at Porto Canoas Square Station.
  9. First bus from the visitor center leaves at 09:00 AM and the last bus from Porto Canoas Square departs at 06:30 PM.
  10. The boat tour at Iguazu Falls is called Macuco Safari. If you plan to do boat tour at Iguazu Falls, I recommend doing Macuco Safari boat tour towards the end of your day in the park. This way you will not have to carry your wet clothes all day long.


Well, I can’t tell you how badly I wanted to see Iguazu Falls on our Brazil trip. I remember how mesmerized I was seeing Niagara Falls for the first time. Having heard Iguazu Falls is nearly twice as tall as Niagara Falls, I was even more excited to see this monster of falls.

Getting to Iguazu Falls:

Brazil is a big country, and getting from one place to another requires not only money but time as well. Since Foz Do Iguacu is located pretty remotely, road trip from Rio De Janeiro was not an option. Luckily, we found good flights from Rio that suited our plan and pocket. This is what our itinerary looked like:

TAM Airlines 3188 Rio de Janeiro (GIG)

10:08 AM Sep 30, 2015

Foz Do Iguacu (IGU)

Travel time: 2h 20 mins

GOL Airlines G3-1463 Foz Do Iguacu (IGU)

6:20 PM Oct 01, 2015

Rio de Janeiro (GIG)

Travel time: 1h 59 mins

Basically, we had one and a half days at the falls. Since we were not going to Argentina side of the falls, this much time for the Iguazu Falls was more than sufficient.

Our time at the mighty Iguazu Falls:

Our flight from Rio arrived bang on time at the Foz Do Iguacu airport. Since we didn’t have any checked baggage, we were out of the airport within minutes. We took a yellow taxi to Taroba Express Hotel from airport which costed around R$ 50. That’s a pretty expensive taxi ride as compared to yellow taxis in Rio. Thus, we decided to take a bus from our hotel to the falls. Fortunately, there was a direct bus from the bus stop in front of the hotel to the falls. The bus dropped us at the Iguassu National Park visitor center. We bought out tickets using the Miles-and-More credit card because there ain’t any fee on international transactions on this card.

At the visitor center, we figured out that we will have to take a shuttle bus to the falls. Since we didn’t have lunch, we bought sandwiches from the snack bar at the visitor center, and hopped onto the bus. The bus was a double-deck panoramic bus, which provided us a good overview of the park’s natural beauty. The bus stopped at multiple locations, and information about the stops and other tours and services was being transmitted through the loud speaker on the bus.


Panoramic buses being used for transporting visitors.

Panoramic buses being used for transporting visitors.


In double-deck panoramic bus, visitors can enjoy nature’s most exuberant views.

In double-deck panoramic bus, visitors can enjoy nature's most exuberant views.


We got off from the bus at ‘The Path of the Falls’ stop which is located right in front of Hotel das Cataratas. A 1,200 meter long trail starts from this stop and ends at Porto Canoas Square Station, which is also the last stop of the bus.


Get off the bus at ‘The Path of the Falls’ stop. A 1,200 meter trail starts from this stop and ends at Porto Canoas Square Station.

Get off the bus at 'The Path of the Falls' stop. A 1,200 meter trail starts from this stop and ends at Porto Canoas Square Station.


We found the trails to be paved and properly marked. The trail is just 1,200 meters long. However, because of presence of some stairs, the trail is considered to be of moderate difficulty.


Iguazu Falls Trails


The hike on this trail offered quite a lot of panoramic views of the waterfalls that make up the Iguassu Falls.


One of the many falls Iguazu River form on a 1.2 km stretch!

One of the many falls Iguazu River form on a 1.2 km stretch!


On the way, there were many viewpoints that provided a closer look at the falls.


Iguazu Falls View Points


After having walked almost a kilometer, we finally witnessed the falls centerpiece attraction, the Devil’s Throat. It looked simply stunning. Just to put things in perspective, Devil’s Throat is 82 metres high, 150 m wide, and 700 m long, and it’s the largest water curtain at the Iguazu falls.


First view of the Devil’s Throat.

First view of the Devil's Throat.


As we moved closer to the Devil’s Throat and the trail that leads to it, we got more and more mesmerized by its beauty and grandeur.




We took the wooden trail that took us close to the action at the Devil’s Throat. We got partly soaked in the process. I am so glad we had plastic bags for our camera and other valuables. If you are lucky and weather is right, you will be able to spot a rainbow from this wooden trail.

Devil’s Throat, basically, marks the end of this 1.2 km long trail. At the end, there is a souvenir shop and a snack bar. I believe this is the point where you will be closest to one of the falls. Don’t forget to click that perfect picture of yours with the mighty Iguazu Falls.


Iguazu Falls


From here, you can either take an elevator or a trail (include stairs) up from where you can enjoy the falls from above.


Iguazu falls from above!

Iguazu Falls from above


A few more stairs from here, and you are at Porto Canoas Square which is the last bus stop. From here, you can catch the bus back to the visitor center. There is a gift shop, a food court and a restaurant at this station.

This 1200 metre trail is a way to see the falls, and believe me it’s stunning. However, if you are not content by mere ‘seeing’, and want to experience more of Iguazu Falls; you should consider Macuco Safari. We went for Macuco Safari boat tour at Iguazu Falls on the second day of our trip to Foz Do Iguacu. However, you can easily do both the Iguazu Falls and Macuco Safari in a single day. After all, why pay the park entrance fee twice? Right? And that’s what this blog is all about. Sharing my experiences so that you don’t make the same mistakes I made. 🙂

Lastly, if you do decide to do Iguazu Falls and Macuco Safari boat tour on the same day, I recommend doing Macuco Safari boat tour towards the end of your day in the park. This way you will not have to carry your wet clothes all day long.

Where did we stay in Foz Da Iguazu, Brazil

Thinking a return flight to Rio from Foz Da Iguazu will be too hectic giving us less time to spend at Iguazu Falls, we had booked our return flight for the next day. Which means we were looking for someplace cheap to stay for just 1 night and that’s when I stumbled upon Tarobá Hotel. It has got great reviews, good connectivity to the falls (direct public bus to falls) and cheap hotel rooms (including breakfast). Basically, it had everything we were looking for. We booked a Superior Double room at Tarobá Hotel for $38.62 which included breakfast. Room was nice and clean and big enough for 2 people. Breakfast was sumptuous with wide variety of options to choose from. No doubt it was a great value for money, but the thing that we loved the most about this hotel was its connectivity to the falls. Since it’s located pretty close to bus station, you can catch a direct bus to the falls from right outside the hotel.


I highly recommend visiting Iguazu Falls on your next trip to Brazil because this monster of falls are unlike any other waterfall on earth.

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